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Los Celeste Leggings, en primer lugar, son calientes y prácticos. En segundo lugar super cómodos y especialmente atractivos. Ellos acentúan sus piernas con cortes laterales hasta los muslos haciéndolos perfectos para tu práctica o para usar cuando quieras dar un toque de color a tu vida. Nuestros Celeste Leggings son  hechos a mano en el Brasil.¡No vas a encontrar en otros lujar leggings como estos! La tela es increíble, te sorprenderán.



Product Description

Leggings for Yoga- Yoga Pants

Celeste Legging

Leggings for yoga-yoga pants: We have always dreamed of this type of leggings!

The Celeste Leggings, in the first place, are warm and practical. Secondly super comfortable and especially attractive. They accentuate your legs with cuts to the thighs making them perfect for your practice or to use when you want to add a bit of excitement to your life.You will not really find these leggings anywhere else! The fabric is amazing, extremely high quality as well as comfortable in all its shape. Leggings hug your body gently allowing you to spin, dance, spin and practice freely in any activity!


Yoga Pants Mika

Features: Smooth adjustment and seamless soft V-belt provide good stretch. Ankle always collected, designed for use on the foot or ankle, according to preference. Our Celeste Leggings are handmade in Brazil.

Fabric: Ecolux Flexion: 90% Polyamide and 10% Elastane. This fabric is 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

Care: Wash with the same colors. For best results, hang dry or fall low. Important to remember to wash with towels.

Designed for: Hot yoga, yoga, dance, aerial fabrics, running, fitness, pilates and gym training. You will feel with them a sense of wonder woman!

Activity level: Best for low to high intensity. Crotch: 36 «crotch for beautiful long legs!

It is especially important to remember that it has a high level of quality and elasticity that allows you to take your movements to the highest level you need. Another leggings model for yoga, hot yoga or fitness can be found at this link: Mikaela Short Pole

Leggings for yoga | yoga pants |Mika Yoga Wear Spain

Finally, if you are looking for leggings for yoga, no doubt, this type of leggings will be your best choice. You will not find a garment of such high quality that you can give full comfort and excellent value for money.

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