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Mar 09, 2018

Mika Spain en Pole Sport Spain 2018

Mika Spain en Pole Sport Spain 2018

Mika Spain en el Campeonato Pole Sport Spain 2018 (Tarragona)



Mika Spain participa con su stand en el patrocinio de

III Pole Sport Championship 2018

Del 23 al 25 de february de 2018 in Palacio de Congresos de Tarragona

Return to the stage of the Palace of Congresses of Tarragona one of the hardest and spectacular sports competitions. On the 23rd, 24th and 25th of February the III Pole Sport Champoionship arrives for the third consecutive year. A complete combination of strength, elasticity, rhythm and balance.

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Competition and Show

III Pole Sport Championship is, at the same time, a competition and a spectacle in itself. A speaker will explain to the spectators what each modality consists of. For this third edition, 205 participants have registered, representing an increase of 45% over last year. A trend that seems to be on the rise and is expected positive also for future editions. The increase of participants has made extend the duration of the championship. Finally it will start on Friday afternoon and will last until Sunday afternoon.


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Arts and sports: Pole Dance & Pole Fitness

The modalities of pole that will be able to be seen in the competition will be: Pole Sport, Ultra Pole, Artistic Pole and Para Pole. In addition, in this edition a new category enters in which athletes with blindness will participate. A demonstration of overcoming and passion that spreads this sport.

Tarragona, site of the 2018 Pole Sport World Championship

The great exclusive for this year 2018 will be the celebration of the Pole Sport World Championship. It will be in the next month of July in the facilities of the Trade Fair and Congress Center of Tarragona. In this way, Tarragona will become the world capital of this discipline.



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The modalities of the Pole Dance & Pole Fitness

Pole Sport is a discipline of skill, strength, balance, elasticity and rhythm. A series of exercises in a vertical bar through an acrobatic choreography. With a clearly defined regulation and a very high level of demand. In this second edition of the championship in Tarragona there will also be representation of the Para Pole modality.


Ultra Pole is a one-to-one Pole mode. Each participant has 30 seconds to show their superiority to the opponent, 30 seconds for the opponent to respond and 30 seconds for his reply. Once all the interventions (called combos) are over, the jury decides the moment. One of the participants is eliminated the moment, while the winner will compete against the next contestant. A type of super spectacular competition since the participants play it all a la carte. A very fast staging and in which they must capture the attention of the public and the jury.

The most theatrical and emotive side is included in the performances of Artistic Pole. A modality in which props and costume changes have a place. Where you can tell a story with the movement.

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Event organization

The 2018 Pole Sport National Championship in Tarragona is organized by the Spanish Federation of Pole Sport, Allied Disciplines and ANPSFADA (Artmove Studio). Together they work to raise awareness of this sport discipline with the aim of turning it into an Olympic sport.

A discipline that continues to increase the interest of the general public and fans of Pole Dance. A discipline in which quickly grows in number of followers and practitioners. Finnish Salima Peippo, resident in Tarragona, is the director of this competition and bears the great weight of her organization. It also has the collaboration of Carolina Zoyo, among others, for the tasks prior to the event. Three editions of great dedication and effort in the organization of the competition culminate with the upcoming celebration of the First World Pole Sport in Tarragona.


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¿What is Pole Sport?

Just a pole, balance, strength and elegance. These are some of the essential ingredients to start in the Pole Sport. A discipline that gathers elements of the dancers’ practice of poledancers to transform them into a complete sport that mixes fitness, acrobatics and the heritage of the American Pole.

Desde este viernes 23 hasta el domingo 25 de febrero lucirá músculo y espectacularidad en un gran campeonato en Tarragona


The Tarragona Conference Center hosts this year the third edition of the Pole Sport Championship. A competition that brings together the best Spanish athletes in this sport.

The Pole Sport was recognized internationally in October 2017 by the Global Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF). Finally it awaits the national designation to be officially consolidated as a sport in state competitions.

Salima Peipoo

 As in all of Spain and Europe, this practice is becoming more and more popular both in Spain and in the rest of the world. This is confirmed by the president of the Spanish Federation of Pole Sport. She owns the only center in the province dedicated to this sport.

Salima Peipoo, who runs the ArtMove Studio in Vila-seca. It also has over 300 students who practice different acrobatic variants, such as Pole Sport and Pole Dance, among others. This center opened doors in 2012 and provides almost all modalities.

Christian Fernandez admits that reaching this level of competition requires a constant maximum daily effort: «I train between four and five hours a day,» he explains. It should be noted that, however, remark that to enjoy the Pole Sport as a hobby. His sentence: «it is not necessary an extraordinary physical condition, but desire to enjoy and a little perseverance».

The athlete maintains that «little by little, more and more men are encouraged to practice this discipline. It is dismantling the taboo that this sport is basically girls. » He emphasizes that, for now, his goal is to continue training and adding successes in a discipline that gains new followers every year. Especially relevant is its effort to be officialized as a national federated sport.

Pole Sport Spain 2018 | Mika Pole Wear Spain | Mika Yoga Wear Spain

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