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Estudios de Hot Yoga

Estudios de Hot Yoga | Estudios de Bikram Yoga

Californian Hot Yoga

californian hot yoga

Discover our partner Californian Hot Yoga, is our ideal partner due to its unique and special method in Madrid, city where they are pioneers in Yoga with heat or Hot Yoga.

In Californian Hot Yoga they are specialists in stretching and strengthening your body and mind at a temperature of 40 degrees, an experience that will not leave you indifferent. If you do not know if this activity is right for you, now offer a € 25 test week, so you can try the new Californian Hot Yoga method.

Calle Fernando el Católico-23 / Tel. 910 069 642

Estudios de Hot Yoga Madrid | Estudios de Bikram Yoga Madrid | Mika Yoga Wear Spain


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