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Tops Yoga Pole Dance Fitness

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All our sports tops are comfortable for all your movements, are specially designed as tops for yoga and fitness, but whatever activity you practice, choose a Mika top. Top for Yoga Mika Spain

Especially in your training, in your pole dance classes, yoga classes, dance classes, acrobatics classes, fitness classes, in your shows or in your competitions. In addition, you will see that these Tops provide the safety, support, freedom and comfort you need. Especially relevant is their quality, the main characteristic of our brand. Tops pole dance, yoga, hot yoga, bikram yoga, hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, pole dance, dance, acrobatics and fitness.

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What are the best tops for girls with bigger contours? We know it’s hard to find the perfect fit for larger box sizes; we have some options and suggestions for girls with larger contours (suggestions approved by our models).

– Bra tops: Full C-small D cups are recommended for large size in all of our top bra style options; for added support and coverage, we suggest going for XL size on top of our bras for girls with small and larger D cups.

– Crop tops: We strongly recommend these for girls with larger contours. These models were designed specifically for you, if this is your case. Our small size crop tops can be a size 32A to 34DD.

– Long Tops: our Linda Top is perfect because the adjustable straps work according to your needs.

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