Yoga Shorts & Pole Dance and Fitness Shorts. Also for pilates or acrobatics. A perfect short that adjusts comfortably to your body for your yoga and hot yoga classes, pole dance classes or pole fitness, dance classes, pilates classes and acrobatics classes. For all kinds of movements, you will feel it in your body like a second skin.



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Product Description

Mika Leg Warmers

Mikaela Short Prints

Close your eyes and breathe the warm, moist air. Feel the dripping of hard-earned sweat on your body. Now imagine a warm tropical breeze blowing on your skin… You may be in a Hot Yoga or Bikram Yoga class, but it is surely wonderful to imagine lying on the beach. Now feel Mika in that moment. Shorts Yoga Mika Pole Wear Spain.

Perfect for dance, pole dance, yoga and hot yoga. Our most cheeky shorts in the group. We designed them to be flattering, comfortable and versatile. Something you can do by always having it tailored to your needs through the side straps. The side straps help create more (or less) coverage and make your legs look infinitely long. Use the side straps in arches or hanging from the sides to provoke a fun and flirtatious look. Sweat, dance or reverse moves. They will always stay in place all day and all night.

Features: Side chains, semi-low height, waist flexibility provides approximately 7″ of stretch.
Inseam: 1 3/4″.
Fabric: 90% polyester 10% Lycra
Care: Always wash with similar colors. For best results, hang dry. Use a low temperature tumble dryer. Important to remember: Do not wash with towels
Designed for: Yoga, hot yoga, pole, dance, swimming and to conquer all.
Activity level: best for low to high intensity

Yoga Shorts Mika Pole Wear Spain

You may be in a hot yoga or Bikram yoga class, but it’s certainly wonderful to imagine lying on the beach. You’re wearing your Mikaela Shorts. At this moment you will feel your Mika shorts like a second skin.

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