Shine with your moves in your Pole Dance class or being the star in a show. Each of our garments is made to order and by hand with Swarovski crystals, each of them is a unique piece, no two are alike, so this makes them even more special.



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Tops with Swarovski crystals | Lila Top | Black Top with Sparkles.

Pole Top Sparkles

*Please Note: ALL Sparkle items are hand sparkled and may take extra time to be created. Pole Top Sparkles.

We’re big fans of a lot of things: making you feel great and look even better…and sparkly things too!!  Sparkle your way into the lime light and be the envy of class or the star in a show.  Each sparkles piece is custom made and hand-set with Swarovski crystals upon each order.  They are all unique in their own way—no two are the same.  Sometimes we wish we could combine the best of parts of things together to make the most perfect creation.  

A perfect sparkles top (high quality)

We took that wish and made it real by combining the adjustable feature of the Tula top and the triangle design of the Kala top sparkles.  And also with crystals…makes perfection!  The sexy, comfortable and universal use of the triangle top and the adjustable ties make this top (one of) our precious creations.  As a result you will wear a whole outfit to really get the full effect of these unique creations.

 Al Features: Custom made, individually hand-set Swarovski crystals upon order request; double lined for extra coverage and support; adjustable straps for the perfect fit for you.

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Fabric: Perfit: 90% Polyester 10% Lycra

Care: Treat as if a delicate pair of sexy lingerie. For best results, hand wash, hang dry. Do not dry clean. Do not wash with towels.

Designed for: yoga, hot yoga, pole dance, pole fitness,dance, shows, competitions,swim and beach sports. Always feeling like a warrior.

Activity level: Especially best for low to medium intensity.

Adjustable straps can be relooped, all you need is a bobby pin.

Flat Seams to avoid chafing

Below-Medium coverage

Important: Please allow an additional 3 days to complete your Sparkles top order.

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