Functional and stylish is the name of the game and we designed this top to be simple, sophisticated, and practical. Perfect for performances, this top will surely add a splash of fabulous to your sweaty routine. Designed to flatter, not flatten, the Tula Top provides great support and lift for the girls even during an inversion in any activity. 



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Product Description

Top Sparkles
Tula Top Sparkles Celestial | Tula Top Sparkles Celestial

Sparkle in your life with our Tula Top Sparkles Celestial, our most elegant sparkle top pole top. Designed to be both practical and sophisticated. The Tula top provides great support while enhancing your figure even during your inversions (we’d call it “the anti-gravity” but we don’t want to get too technical). Each of our Tula Top Sparkles is made to order with Swarovski crystals. Each piece is unique, no two models are the same.

Features: You can add cushions thanks to the interior openings designed for this purpose. Flat seams to avoid skin irritation.

Materials: 90% Polyester and 10% Lycra.

Care: important to remember to wash with similar colours. For best results, hang to dry. Recommended not to wash with towels.

 Designed for: Pole Dance, Pole Fitness, Hot Yoga, Yoga, Aerial Silks, running, fitness.

Activity: Perfect for low to high intensity.

Provides great support while enhancing your figure even during your inversions in all kinds of activities. You will enjoy wearing your sparkles top.

Tula top pole top Sparkles | Mika Pole Wear UK

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Exclusive design and functionality in all models

The Mika clothing models, including the models with Swarovski crystals (sparkles) are characterised by their design, and above all by their colour diversity and vibrancy. In terms of functionality, they are perfectly suited for different types of training: yoga, hot yoga, bikram yoga, dance, pole dance, acrobatics, beach and outdoor activities, etc.

Always top quality fabrics

The fabrics of our Mika Spain clothing models are characterised by the high quality of the materials used in the
high quality of the materials used in their manufacture and for their durability over time. The fabric always remains in time without losing its original characteristics. Both the shape, texture and colours. It is a strong, very elastic garment, very well finished and that fits perfectly to the woman’s body.

In the case of models with Swarovski crystals, they will stay in place as long as the fabric is not subjected to high temperatures during washing. Above all, these models should not be machine washed but hand washed at a low temperature. Nor should they be treated with abrasives that may damage the fabric, but with detergents or soaps for delicate clothes. Take care of your Mika clothes as if they were your skin.

That’s why, at Mika, we always say that women will feel our clothes like a second skin.

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