Lupit Pole Products
Inspired by pole dance, and created products for dancers, pole dancers,  beginning artists, athletes established.

Training for home and studio owners in search of a safe and unique design of your team …

The lupit Pole Products are created using High Quality Materials.
LupitPole creates products for dancers, beginning artists, pole dancers and established athletes, and for lovers of training at home, as well as for the owners of studios looking for equipment with a safe and unique design for their school.
LupitPole products have been created using very high quality materials, and have been tested by our ambassadors, principal artists, athletes and coaches in the Pole Dance community.
Here you can find everything you need: you can buy pole dance bars, up to grip or mats. Take a look at our products and choose what suits you best. If you have any questions at any time, please write to us at and we will answer you quickly.

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