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Pole Dance Wear Spain

Pole Dance Wear in Spain

If you are looking for a pole dance clothing for women, for activities such as pole dance and pole fitness this is your store. Sexy, nice and comfortable clothes for your classes, shows and competitions. Mika’s garments are suitable for both Pole Dance and Pole Fitness classes. Also for Yoga classes, Bikram Yoga, Hot Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Fitness (Cross Fit, Pilates, Zumba, Twerking…) as well as for stretching classes, aerial classes (fabrics, hoop, etc…), dance classes, jazz, modern-jazz, and also costumes and pole dance clothes for shows and competitions. Pole Dance Clothing Spain.

 Pole Dance Clothing

Our Mika models will meet all your needs. Now you can find Mika Wear models in Spain and all over Europe. Beauty, style, quality and comfort are the characteristics of Mika products.

Products for Pole Dance y Pole Fitness

Below you can see two videos of pole dance in which it is shown how the Mika models (shorts, tops, bodysuit, leggings) adapt perfectly to the body in the practice of each activity. As well as pole clothes, yoga or fitness. You will always be able to feel each Mika garment as a second skin.

You can also find all the products of the brand Lupit Pole: poles, mats, crash mats, accessories and grip Lupitpole. Everything you need to practice your activity, if this is the Pole Dance. Products for pole dancers, athletes, teachers, artists and beginners. For home training enthusiasts and for pole dance or pole fitness studios looking for safe equipment. Together with the Mika polewear, you will find the perfect combination. And for pole dance and pole fitness professionals we always offer you the possibility to consult us about the manufacture of custom pole bars. Customized pole bars. This service is also available in our online shop.

 Pole Dance Spain Clothing | Mika Pole Wear Spain | Mika Yoga Wear Spain | Ropa Pole Dance Spain Clothes


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