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Mika Leggings

The leggings for sport and yoga of Mika offer you the maximum comfort while you practice your favorite activity, since they are perfect for an intense training in both Fitness and Yoga, or Acrobatics.
You will feel sexy, comfortable and safe with them in any of your activities. In performing acrobatics or inverted.

They will always offer you maximum comfort. They are perfect for intense training, keep your body active and always look very elegant. You can find them smooth or printed according to your own style. With them you can reach your maximum stretch without worrying about the elasticity of our garments.

Enjoy the comfort and beauty of our leggings. They will always be the essential companion in your yoga classes and hot yoga classes. Of course, perfect also for your classes in hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga, yin yoga or ashtanga yoga. They are also especially comfortable if you practice acrobatic activities. You even want to walk around the park and practice running or fitness in your free time. You will not get tired of using them countless times. You will feel our leggings on your body like a second skin.

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