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Acrobatic wear

Acrobatic Clothing | Acrobatic Clothes

Acrobatic Wear

In this section of Acrobatic Clothing you will find all kinds of tops, shorts and leggings perfect for the practice of your favorite activity, both with printed and plain models. Find all the necessary clothing for aerial acrobatics and ground acrobatics, with the peace of mind of knowing that our acrobatic clothing is designed with the highest quality fabrics, so you can enjoy total freedom of movement.



Acrobatic Wear or Aerial silks

First of all, it is worth mentioning that this type of acrobatics belongs to the group of aerial exercises, since the acrobats perform the choreographies suspended on a canvas. Rather, it can be considered as dance and sport at the same time, requiring great strength and flexibility. Therefore, the need to use an acrobatic clothing suitable for all movements becomes evident.

In addition, there are different types of exercises that include moorings, hooks, forms and pirouettes, which can be performed individually or in groups, on one or more fabrics. As acrobatic clothes you can use Mika clothes, as they will provide you with the maximum comfort in each exercise.

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Acrobatic Clothing | Acrobatic Clothes | Acrobatic Wear | Mika Pole Wear Spain | Mika Yoga Wear Spain

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